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About Us

Who We Are is Canada's premier luxury consignment destination. Offering the intrepid fashion follower a rare chance to discover a range of vintage and contemporary statement styles from the finest high luxe purveyors, we showcase a curated collection of irreproachable luxury goods for the sartorially discerning dresser.

Canadian owned and operated, we work closely with a small team of dedicated professionals that help source, authenticate and inspect every item to ensure its provenance and impeccable quality. Carrying only the best luxury products consigned from our long standing individual and business suppliers, our items vary from fresh catwalk finds to antique treasures. Our inventory is maintained and updated on a seasonal basis to keep in-line with the classics as well as the latest trends.


Our Background

The Canadian run luxury goods brokership was born in 2014. Founded on the owners bold business acumen, the small consignment project quickly blossomed into a thriving on-line business based out of Montreal Quebec in eastern Canada. The Montreal based business offers a diverse range of luxury handbags, apparel, footwear, accessories and jewelry. 

With the recent launch of in December of 2015, we have earned ourselves a reputation as one of the most popular pre-loved fashion partners in the competitive luxury re-sale industry. An ever evolving idea that encapsulates a wide sphere of influences, our mission is to not only grow our business - but to continue to absorb and pay forward the good as well as the life lessons we come across on a daily basis.  


Our Ethos

Trend orientated and fashion focused, we are looking to the future of sustainable luxury. Passing on pre-loved products and sharing the ethical footprint of a singular item brings fashion into a cyclical sphere; using the Luxury Closet model, luxury items can be bought and sold at a fair price – unlocking a new market for the fiscally shrewd high-luxe lover.

Front runners in the growing up-cycling revolution, we believe investing in consigned luxury goods can protect the environment and reduce the ecological impact on the planet. Lessening the need for fast-fashion, re-purchasing high-luxe goods helps to sustain the integrity of your wardrobe – without compromising on style!

Buying with us

Focusing on the finest designs from across the globe, MLC is fast becoming Canada's most talked about luxury consignment destination. Using a meticulous acquisition and appraisal system, buyers can rest assured their items have been handled by experts to ensure their quality and high standards.

All items are put through a brand-specific authentication process by a trained team of luxury experts. We inspect all goods for appropriate brand markings, date codes, serial tags and hologram stickers to guarantee their luxury pedigree.

Sourcing products from a handful of trusted businesses and rated individuals, our selection of covetable jewelry, handbags, footwear and clothing comes at a competitive price. With quarterly mark downs and over 400 luxury brands to choose from, investing in opulent statement pieces couldn't be more irresistible!

Selling with us

Using industry standard white glove authentication, your precious luxury pieces couldn't be in better hands. The perfect way to turn unused high-luxe handbags, accessories, jewelry and footwear into instant capital, we offer competitive rates on all of our purchases and consignments.

Showcased in our showroom and online for a wider community of customers, our private sales service is a simple process aimed at getting your no longer essential items sold in a professional and proactive manner.

Our goals

A fashion-forward consignment company looking to expand, we now count ourselves among the most current omni-channel partners in the resale luxury business. Growing our broker-ship through modern mediums and improving our audience engagement with targeted on-line and off-line marketing, our recent e-commerce addition, gives us the ability to communicate with our long-standing client base, as well as attracting new potential customers and suppliers.

Unlocking a new style-savvy international market, our social media strategies, advertising and on-site blog are helping us grow our business through modern mediums - whilst leveraging our reputation and positive feedback from pre-existing customers.

A multi-faceted approach for the future, our aim is to continue growing our sphere of influence across Canada and into the global marketplace.



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